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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our visit to the Northwest

Victoria was beautiful but not as quaint as I had hoped. It seemed quite commercialized and touristy. But the city bloomed with flowers. We visited an old historic Mansion which I enjoyed more than Dad. We also rode on a "Bike Taxi" through the downtown area and that was a fun adventure. Everything seemed very expensive! We stopped at a very posh but beautiful Historic Hotel.

We were told they were having "High Tea" which included sandwiches and fruit and decided to have lunch there -just not have the Tea. Well that is until we found out it cost over $100.00 for both of us!! Needless to say, we decided to eat elsewhere

"Our Trip to Forks, Washington"
We arrived at Port Angelos from Victoria and immediately drove to Forks, Washington where most of Stephanie Meyer's vampire books take place. The drive there was beautiful!!

We stopped a few times and walked among the trees laden with moss surrounded with ferns and thick lush foliage. It was breathtaking. And interspersed among all shades of green were streams of water. It seemed almost mystical. The lake was a deep turquoise which made this secret and untouched forest seem even more magical. I was captured by the peace and serenity of it all and had wished we could have spent more time there.


Jessie said...

Hey, nice to see you blogging! Also, good to see your faces again.
The traveling sounds so cool.
Hello to all you Raricks out there who I haven't seen in a long time. I hope all is well.

Angie said...

Wow...that is absolutely breathtaking up there! Glad you had a nice trip...We need to make a trip up to Washington soon...